Breaking the Pain Cycle
Published in the Times Standard
            One of the problems in dealing with recurring pain has to do with memory in the body.  Your muscles and cells retain memory from past experiences and trauma.  I know, as an old surfer, if I wanted to brave the cold waters here, I could still catch a wave, stand up and ride it to shore. After years of not riding a bike, most of us could hop on one and ride down the street without falling.  Our muscle memory, linked to the brain through our nervous system, allows us to perform these feats from past experience.  Some scientists are studying and measuring electromagnetic energy in the body.(Energy Medicine, The Scientific  Basis by James Oschman PhD) They have found evidence of this memory down to the cellular level. This memory is being passed on through the DNA as cells regenerate.
            Unfortunately, bad or harmful memories are retained in our bodies as well as the good ones.  These bad memories linked to pain are reinforced by the injured body part until the pain is relieved and the cycle is broken.  The bad memories begin to fade with the changing pain relief.  The more you can then change your thoughts to a more positive outlook, instead of dealing with pain, the healthier you will feel.
            Back and neck pain are particularly debilitating.  When the spine is out of alignment, pain patterns and compensations in the musculature and joints occur.  If left uncorrected, the pain changes from sore and sharp to stiff and achy.  This is the changing pattern of degenerative processes in the spinal joints.  Chronic pain can cause fatigue, depression and the recurring pain cycle.
            If any of what I have said sounds familiar, you could find relief at our office.  Stop the pain cycle that is keeping you from being all that you can be.  Experience pain relief and growth through Chiropractic “naturally”.
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