Chronic Pain & Arthritis
Published in the Times Standard
      Even after twenty + years of adjusting hundreds of patients, I am still amazed at the power in the human body to heal itself. The most amazing and rewarding times are with chronic pain sufferers. People who have had back, neck, or joint pain for years. The 35-year-old patient curled up in a ball on his couch, on pain medications for 10 years unable to work and support his family. After the first treatment, he was nearly pain free and in tears, called his sister-in-law to thank her for referring him. He was able to once again walk up his driveway and is now back to construction & ranch work. The 85-year-old patient who had pain over his “hip” for thirty years and after the first adjustment the pain was gone. Many chiropractors all over the world will testify to similar or even more dramatic results.
            One of the more common causes of chronic pain is arthritis, a systemic disease affecting the joints.This term may include over 100 conditions, many formerly called “rheumatism”. The most common is osteoarthritis or OA. It can start in your 20’s and progress to a point of incapacity in later years. OA is the wear & tear type that happens to most of us from injuries, stress, repetitive movements, and postural stress. One of the chief causes of OA is spinal stress. With misalignment or subluxation of the spine, movement is restricted. The spine and its discs and joints require movement to stimulate nerve endings to secrete synovial fluid to lubricate the joints. Your discs have poor blood supply and imbibe its food from the surrounding tissues as you bend and move. As you can see movement is “life to your spine and its joints”. The lack of movement leads to a progressive degeneration of spinal joints. This degenerative process can result in spurring, spinal and inter-spinal stenosis or narrowing, and loss of height as we “shrink” with age with the loss of disc space throughout the spine. This degenerative process has 4 phases that it progresses through starting early up to age 20, then 20-40, 40-65, and 65 and older. Each phase has specific symptoms & characteristics, sufficient to say it doesn’t get any better. However, each phase can be helped and in some instances the process reversed through chiropractic. Of course the earlier spinal subluxations are detected the better the recovery and chances of reversing the progression. Children are so full of life and they respond quickly to chiropractic adjustments. It’s always a good idea to start them with adjustments & check-ups in an early stage of their life to ensure that they will have a pain free lifestyle as their bones grow.
            If you’ve been suffering with a nagging chronic pain, and it’s due to a spinal or joint subluxation or misalignment, no amount of pain medication will change its course. Call my office for a free consultation. We want to help relieve your pain through chiropractic “naturally”.
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