Dysfunction to Function
Published in the Times Standard
     Continuing this series on back and neck pain, I want to address something called dysfunction, something chiropractors are particularly adept at fixing. As stated before, nearly 90% of back pain is due to four conditions: facet arthropathy, annular tears, segmental instability or bulging disc syndrome. The first three I’ve addressed in previous articles. Bulging disc syndrome has to due with a tear in the annulus.  The center or nucleus pushes out with increased load, as pressure builds up the patient cannot sit for long periods of time, sometimes as little as 15 minutes. It is a chronic annular tear that has not healed.
     Dysfunction in medically described as soft tissue and/or joint abnormalities treated by manual therapy to correct these imbalances.  A good example is the pelvic dysfunction that causes leg-length discrepancy (LLD).  This imbalance can be due to an annular tear or disc, irritating segmental nerves that pass close to and under the deep pelvic muscle called the psoas.  Over-stimulating this muscle causes it to tighten, fatigue and/.or splint.  This can pull up one side of the pelvis putting strain on the sacro-iliac joint on that side as well as unevenly distribute load on the spine and discs.  In the neck the muscles in the front of the spine called the scalenes can be involved.  They can be over stimulated from the disc annulus and irritated segmental nerves under them.  Since they attach to the upper ribs, the rib cage may be tender in the front and rise normally on one side with a deep breath but not on the pain side.  From a Chiropractic standpoint these dysfunctions, once determined are easily corrected.  A pelvis can be corrected to balance the load on the spine and discs.  This allows the disc to recede, the annular tear to heal and the muscle spasms or splinting to relax.  Occasionally ribs need to be adjusted at their articulations with the spine or the sternum in the front to restore normal joint function and pain relief.
     By changing dysfunction to function in the body, your health will improve as the body heals and returns to health through Chiropractic “naturally”.
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