Enhancing Performance through Chiropractic
Published in the Time Standard
            Last year I  attended a seminar held by Dr. Jeff Spencer and James Oschman, PhD.  The seminar included scientific data confirming the correlation between Chiropractic and human performance. I am not talking about the dangerous performance-enhancing drugs, but proper joint functions and communication throughout the body.         
            Dr. Spencer is the chiropractor for Lance Armstrong and his Tour de France cycling team.  Lance Armstrong has won a record seven straight Tour de France races.  Dr. Spencer has cared for Lance and his team through all the races, one of, if not the most grueling athletic event there is.  The whole team finished the race without major injury.  That is a first and a testimony to how chiropractic can prevent injury and enhance human performance. Dr. Oschman has written books and published articles relating to the energy and electrical communication system in the body as it relates to chiropractic, healing, and human performance. In my practice, patients are continuously amazed by the immediate response to the adjustment, not only the pain relief, but renewed strength to muscles that a few seconds before tested weak.  There is a good reason for this.
            Muscles, tendons and ligaments attach to bones at opposite ends.  That is what holds you together.  The muscle belly, in the middle, has numerous innervated fibers.  The innervation is what controls the muscle contraction and relaxation through various connections to the spine, brain and spinal cord. Depending on our conditioning, muscles have a degree of tension and tone.  As long as the bones they are connected to are in their proper alignment and the nerve supply is not damaged or lacking, the muscle is strong and functioning.  If the bones are out of alignment even a few degrees, muscle efficiency is diminished, sometimes dramatically.  By restoring the proper alignment of the joint, nerve impulses are generated and communication to the related muscles is restored. The result is relaxation and function of the involved musculature with renewed energy and strength. Weak muscles can now be strengthened through proper exercise.
            You do not have to be a world-class athlete to enjoy the benefits of Chiropractic.  People of all ages are helped daily throughout the world.  If you have pain and notice some muscle weakness, call our office for a free consultation, where you could be helped through chiropractic “naturally”.  
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