Chiropractic & “The Fear Factor”
Published in the Times Standard
            No, I’m not talking about a new T.V. show, but many times I’ve had patients tell me that their friend or family member is afraid to see a Chiropractor.  They’ve heard horror stories about the “popping, cracking and twisting” and that you have to keep coming back.  If someone has had a bad experience with a Chiropractor, it’s hard to convince them that it’s what they need, and that they should try it again.  I always tell the referring patient, there are ways to adjust, and then there are ways to adjust
            Many different techniques are taught at our professional schools as well as advancements in technology and equipment.  Our office utilizes a variety of proven techniques that are gentle but very effective.  The tables have drop sections that fall away with ease so that the adjustment is barely felt.  Muscle testing is performed to verify the effectiveness of the adjustment, the muscle that was weak is now strong.  You should feel much better when you leave our office on your first visit. The scheduling of follow-up visits is dependant on the history of the problem. Most patients are feeling much better after the first two or three treatments. With a home exercise routine and the proper nutrition, the patient is checked once a month or on an as needed basis. You begin to recognize when “something is out”,and that it’s time to call for an appointment.      
           So what makes the “popping/cracking” sounds in our joints, you ask?  There are a few theories I’m aware of that make some sense.  One is the release of nitrogen bubbles in the cartilage upon pressure, perhaps.  Another relates to the joint capsule which is in a vacuum, if the joint is compromised or fixated, stuck, or out of alignment, when it releases it’s like the pop you hear pulling a rubber arrow tip off of a window.  Cracking sounds are more related to the ligaments snapping over boney structures as we move, especially in the mornings when we’re cold and not yet loose.  If you’re concerned about these sounds, you needn’t worry unless there is pain involved.
            Don’t let the “fear factor” rob you of a chance at pain relief and better health through Chiropractic naturally.  We would like to help relieve your pain, so   please call our office for a free consultation.
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