Chiropractic and the “Fear Factor”   Part II
Published in the Times Standard
      In the last “Fear Factor’’ article I discussed a couple fears people have of Chiropractic treatments.: One fear being the “popping” sound made during the manipulation of joints while another fear is related to the “cracking” sound of ligaments moving across boney structures.
         Other concerns people have are that it will hurt and require a long-term treatment plan.   Although regular chiropractic care is one of the best preventative health measures you can give yourself, each of us is unique.  How serious the condition, how long you have been suffering with the condition and how quickly your body responds all varies. The treatment plan must be designed with all these factors considered. The results of chiropractic manipulation are immediate.  You should feel better after your first treatment.  Many patients do, at times, experience set backs during the healing process, but if responded to immediately very little progress is lost.  The chiropractic patient is a participant in his healing by complying with after-care instructions the doctor of chiropractic gives him.  This is very important to speed up the healing process.  Periodic check-ups are often recommended once the desired treatment results are achieved. I suggest once every four to six weeks, this prevents serious damage to the weakened injured area. Patients are quick to learn the warning signs of their previous problem and the effectiveness of immediate spinal correction, with less treatment time required. Life happens and once an area is injured, like the badly sprained ankle, you have an increased chance of re-injury to the same region. The good news is chiropractic works and help can be found.
          “I am afraid it will hurt” is also a common fear.  Our office utilizes a variety of proven techniques that are gentle but very effective. Over twenty-four years of practice and hundreds of educational seminars have given me the opportunity to gleam techniques from some of the best chiropractors in our profession.  The adjusting tables in my office have drop sections that fall away with ease. The adjustment is barely felt.  Muscle testing is performed to verify the effectiveness of the adjustment, the muscle that was weak is now strong.  You should feel much better when you leave our office on your first visit.
          Don’t let the “fear factor” rob you of a chance at pain relief and better health through Chiropractic naturally. We would like to help relieve your pain, so please call our office for a free consultation.
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