Feedback and Free Energy
Published in the Times Standard
          For centuries different cultures have  addressed health issues and pain by stimulating or focusing on the body’s energy system. The electricity of our bodies allows testing of the heart and brain by attaching electrodes. This Direct Current flows through us in a pattern that acts as a communication system. This electrical energy, magnetic, Qi, shakras, prana or whatever you call it has been recorded in the fascial layer under the skin by scientists. With sophisticated technology and quantum physics, the frequency released when our cells regenerate has been recorded. Acupuncturists have known about this energy for thousands of years, discovering certain points along the energy meridians that relate to different parts of the body. Other healthcare practitioners have utilized this energy and developed techniques to recognize blocks in the energy flow, and perform the necessary corrections to release it.       
           Numerous Doctors of Chiropractic utilize: the muscle testing methods of applied kinesiology from George  Goodheart,D.C., the Contact Reflex Analysis of D.A. Versendaal,D.C. that relies on acupuncture points and muscle testing to locate specific areas of weakness, Cranial-sacral therapy of John Upledger, D.O., and KST [Koren Specific Technique] promoted by Tedd Koren,D.C. for the accurate locating of subluxations anywhere in the body through this energy feedback mechanism by the occipital drop , a binary neurological biofeedback device. These are just a few of the Doctors too numerous to mention in this article, who recognize and practice with this energy system.  It is this system that allows trained practitioners in these various techniques to better analyze and determine the necessary corrections to be made.  It becomes a feedback mechanism that tells the doctor not only what it needs but when it is corrected.  Each visit in my officer allows me to search out other areas that may need attention once the primary problem has been addressed. Old injuries once healed and corrected, uncover other areas of compensations and adaptations. These subluxations also need to be adjusted to complete the healing process and achieve better health and function through Chiropractic “naturally”.
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