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Making it easy to invest in you

Investing in your health is always a value, allowing you to live a more productive, pain free life.  We understand directing time and money toward your health can be a delicate balance between positive results and financial stress. 
Crosbie Chiropractic is committed to providing options so you can focus on getting well in the shortest time possible and maintain that investment in wellness.

For our Self Pay Patients

The financial policy of the office is payment due at time of service. We offer incentives  for choosing this option accepting payment by check, cash, Debit or Credit Card. 

Leave the insurance claims to us

We work with your insurance plans. Once our knowce good health and vibrant energy. Dr. Crosbie is able to facilitate all systems of your body to work in unison, thereby restoring your body to balance. Maintaining this balance prevents potential disease processes. The fundemental focus is patient well being.


Dr. Crosbie has had success reducing or eliminating dizziness, vertigo, headaches, jaw and neck pain, as well as other shoulder, rib, hip, low back, knee and extremity pain and numbness. In addition, diges