Flexor-Withdrawl Reflex & Chronic Pain
Published in the Times Standard
      Patients are often astounded at the pain relief from years of suffering after a few chiropractic adjustments. One common reason is untreated trauma to our body. This trauma creates chronic inflammatory processes, muscle spasms, decreased blood flow and compromised joint movement. These reactions are part of the body’s flexor-withdrawal-reflex response. Have you ever accidentally put your hand on a hot stove? The immediate response is to pull back quickly. What happens is initiated by the brains response to pain (nociception). One side of the body contracts, muscles tighten, the other side stretches. Once the perceived pain is resolved and tissue damage treated the body can reset itself and return to normal functions. If the trauma or injury hasn’t been treated or corrected these reactions become chronic. With chronic inflammatory processes, decreased blood flow, muscle spasms and reduced joint movement, pathology, diseased and degenerative joint conditions are the result.
By breaking this pain- memory cycle, chiropractic care can restore the proper function and reactions in our bodies known as homeostasis or normalcy. Through careful history taking and clinical analysis the chiropractor can find the cause of the problem. Once the proper adjustments are made, the old memory patterns are broken and new ones begin to form without pain. Muscles can relax, circulation can flow, joints increase in range of motion and the unpleasant  emotional experiences of anxiety and fear begin to subside.
      You could , as thousands have, find pain relief through Chiropractic Naturally.
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