Foot Pain?  Check Your “Hips”
Published in the Times Standard
          Next to lower back pain and neck pain, some of the worst and most irritating pain can be in your feet.  This pain will affect your whole body causing compensations to develop in the pelvis and spine as you try to walk to relieve pressure on one or both feet. Some of the problems I have seen in practice that cause foot pain relate directly to misaligned bones in the foot, pelvis, lumbar spine or in the knees.  The 26 bones of the foot articulate and move rhythmically as we walk or run.  From injury, as in an ankle or foot sprain, these articulations are stressed and connective tissue damaged, often causing one of these bones to dis-articulate.  This causes additional pain even after the soft tissue has healed because the joint movement is now compromised.  After the appropriate bone is adjusted to its proper articulation, pain relief can be immediate.  In some instances, special arch  supports are necessary to prevent twisting of the ankle and knee as one walks, and provide support to the bones that form the longitudinal arch.
            Heel spurs and plantar fascitis can also cause debilitating foot pain. As we age the arch sometimes begins to fall causing added stress to the connective tissue on the bottom of the feet. Someone working on his feet all day on hard surfaces may develop inflammation of the fascia or connective tissue under the skin, called plantar fascitis.  This will lead to a heel spur, eventually, if untreated.  A sure sign of this developing problem is sharp pain when you first put weight on your foot in the morning.  X-rays will delineate the heel spur and appropriate treatment can be initiated.
            Pelvic instability or an unlevel pelvis can also create foot or knee pain.  The “short leg syndrome” causes the spine to curve and shift to compensate for this unbalanced position.  This causes vertebrae of the lower back, as well as musculature, to try to adapt.  Eventually, the joints of the spine and discs wear unevenly due to improper and compromised movement.  Nerves that supply the legs and feet become increasingly involved and pinched.  This nerve interference can be felt in the feet, affecting circulation as well.
            The knee joints also need to be analyzed and tested to correct any misalignment of this articulation. Obviously, knees suffer a lot of stress and pressure if the feet or the pelvis are not balanced.
            As part of my analysis, therefore, I check the back and spine first when someone comes in with foot pain.  Many people have gotten relief of foot pain after spinal and pelvic stabilization are achieved.
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