Low Level Laser Therapy
                Low level Laser is a cold light laser as opposed to an hot laser used in surgeries. The word laser stands for light amplification by stimulation of emitted radiation. The purpose of Low Level Laser Therapy (3LT) is to remove interferences in the electrical energy flow of the body. This energy flow is a means of communication between the systems of the body down to the cellular level. Acupuncturists, Reike therapists and magnetism are some of the many forms of “energy medicine” dating back hundreds of years. Western biomedicine has emphasized pharmaceutical or drug intervention and is slowly recognizing the benefits of energy medicine. For instance, magnetic fields are now being used to assist in the healing of broken bones.
                Scientists for years have recognized the importance of light and other forms of energy for good health and healing of the body. The growth of technology has enabled these scientists to measure the frequency at which good cells regenerate in the body. This emitted, or radiated, light energy at the cellular level is a certain low-level frequency that stimulates the production of healthy cells. The laser is set at this frequency to assist the body in this process. This communication reduces the healing time, pain and inflammation in the tissues. In his book, Energy Medicine, the Scientific Basis, James L. Oschman, PhD states that while controversy exists as the scientific process goes, the consensus is that “cells in the human body, and the body as a whole, both emit and absorb coherent bio-photons; these photonic emissions and absorptions play key roles in the regulation of cellular and physiological processes, including the healing of injuries and diseases.”
                Laser light’s therapeutic effect is to artificially simulate cell to cell communications and stimulate cell migration and cell division. This energy flow through a system of the body organizes the system. Laser light may open up and facilitate the operation of these bio-photonic communication pathways. Damaged or disturbed tissues such as; scars, poor circulation, tense muscles, inflammation, bruises, degeneration, broken bones and reduced range of motion scatter light and inhibit the flow of photonic energy and information needed for repair.
                Many scientists and Doctors view energy medicine as an option to traditional healthcare because it is less invasive and without side effects. The nerve and energy released through a chiropractic adjustment provides another powerful assist to the restoration of function in the body. Laser and Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy make good partners both physiologically and philosophically.