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       Patients often ask “Why does my back or neck, keep going out?” While there are many causes that lead to spinal subluxations or misalignments, the mechanism of injury is not always apparent but is the reason for the weakness and instability.
       Trauma from auto accidents and falls onto the back or buttocks are the more obvious types of injuries. These injuries as well as other types cause serious tearing of the spinal musculo-ligamentous and tendonous insertions as well as compression of the discs between the vertebrae. Falls, even as a child may result in pelvic un-leveling causing spinal compensatory scoliosis (lateral curvature of the spine). One of the more common mechanisms of injury that goes unnoticed is a sudden off-balance impact to the lower back. You jump out of the pick-up or off the last two rungs of the ladder hard to one side. Heavy equipment operators or truckers complain of the sitting and bouncing but the problem comes from climbing or jumping on or out of the machine. These quick jolts often go unnoticed with a day or two of some soreness that may resolve through spinal compensation or adaptation. Improper lifting and twisting also damages these soft tissue supporting structures leaving it in a weakened state.
      The limited blood supply to these ligaments and tendons affects their rate of healing. It takes longer for repair and more scar tissue is formed, which is less flexible, leading to a less stable joint. Chiropractors have known for years the sooner the juxtaposition or subluxation of the joint is corrected, the faster the healing and pain relief. Without correction, more damage to spinal joints, discs and nerves occurs. This can lead to serious degenerative and arthritic conditions over the years. 
         Damaged muscles can repair and be strengthened, broken bones heal stronger than before, but ligaments and tendons need time and proper care to prevent further injury. The old injury, or weak spot, will recur as life happens. The good news is with proper adjustments, exercise and the right nutrition, you can enjoy a productive pain-free life through Chiropractic “naturally”.
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