Migraines and Headaches
Published in the Times Standard
            Nothing can be more debilitating than a severe headache.  While there are numerous causes from stress and tension to allergic reactions and brain tumors, the most common known as migraines and cluster headaches can be helped through chiropractic.
            The migraine headache usually occurs on one side of the head along with nausea and vomiting.  Light and sound can be too much to stand (photophobia and phonophobia) and the patient often retreats to a dark room.  The majority of patients are women.  The pain often has warning signs of flickering lights, swelling, tearing, muscle contractions, irritability, depression, even constipation and diarrhea.  This differs from the more common stress or tension headache that usually involves the whole head, are sudden in onset and may or may not include vomiting or nausea depending on the severity.
            Cluster headaches are abrupt in onset, starting high in one nostril, spreading behind the eye on the same side.  The attacks can be once to several times a day, lasting for weeks to months.  They can subside as quickly as they began.  Most occur in men between 20 and 40 years of age. 
            Another type of headache affects the back of both eyes and arises from the base of the back of the skull.  This involves some of the sub-occipital nerves that feed the muscles of the skull.
            The cause of migraines has been a mystery but new research reveals sufferers have abnormal nerve firings in the brain and spinal cord.  This could be why chiropractic’s conservative approach has helped so many headache sufferers.  Prior findings of many patients with headaches indicate neck and back injuries.  This is called a cervicogenic headache.  With injuries to the spine the vertebrae often become misaligned causing muscular spasms, compensations and a decrease in the range of motion of the spine.  By gently correcting these misalignments or subluxations, the range of motion is increased, muscle spasms relax and a balance is restored to the spine.  With the relaxation of the muscles and stimulation of the nervous system an increase in blood flow to the brain offers additional relief. 
            Through proper analysis and a free consultation, our office can determine if you have vertebral subluxations causing your headache.  This free consultation includes analysis of other aches or pains, as well as; fatigue, carpal tunnel, leg pain, numbness, tingling, digestive disorders and TMJ. 
            If yours is a chiropractic problem no amount of drugs or pain pills will correct the problems.  A chiropractic adjustment is essential to restore, relieve and rejuvenate your health.
            Our office is equipped with some of the latest technology as well as x-ray to better serve you and keep you well through chiropractic “naturally”.
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