A Picture of Health
Published in the Times Standard
     What does it mean to be healthy?  Often patients present in my office not sure if they need to be there.  They have been having some pain of unknown origin that does not seem to want to go away.  Maybe they are tired or just not feeling themselves.  Some patients have been living with a recurring problem for years, ignoring the warning signals.  Then there is the patient who is not sure if Chiropractic can fix their problem.
     I was always taught in Chiropractic school, by those much wiser than me, to rule out the physical first.  Many times a patient is fatigued, cannot sleep well or is irritable.  Upon examination tender points along the spine or misalignments are revealed.  These tender points often relate to a subluxated vertebra of the spine.  This misalignment affects the muscular attachments causing spasms and tension that become tender over time.  The spinal nerves are then impinged, cutting off vital nerve and energy flow to muscles, joints, internal organs as well as decreased blood flow.  Theses subluxations may or may not be painful, but with the impingement they become silent killers.
     Someone trying to function with a loss of nerve and energy flow will become fatigued, irritable and dis-eased.
     A healthy individual is someone whose skeletal or physical structure is in shape (no subluxations), with their nutritional or internal environment fortified and functioning as well as their emotional or spiritual being nourished and growing.  If any of these three elements are lacking, we are not in balance and our health will suffer.  Improper nutrition affects the musculoskeletal system causing weakness in muscles that then fail to hold spinal adjustments or correction.  Emotional and/or spiritual problems unresolved can lead to depression and a loss of self-care, proper eating thus perpetuating the cycle of ill health.
     Making the right choices in life becomes paramount to our health and to those around us.  The man here in Rio Dell walking his son to school every morning, no matter the weather, chooses to do so.  What tremendous emotional support and developing relationship he is providing his son.  He has got that part of the health picture in perspective.
     If you have any nagging pains that are not resolving, yours could be a Chiropractic fix and nothing else will help.  Call our office for a free consultation with the doctor.  You could be encouraged and relieved through Chiropractic “naturally
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