Pinched Nerves
Published in the Times Standard
            Patients often enter my office on a referral from their M.D., physical therapist, massage therapist, or other health professional because they have a “pinched nerve”.  While it is rare for a nerve to be pinched, the term fits the pain description for the patient and is, therefore, useful.  Other terms, probably more correct, are nerve impingement, irritation, lesion or spinal stress. The patient often complains of a compressed feeling.  “I feel like I need to be stretched or hung upside down, Doc.”
            Nerves are made up of tiny microscopic fibers.  There are billions of these fibers up and down and encased within your spinal column called the spinal cord.  It is really an extension of your brain.  Nerves then branch off through openings between the vertebrae of the spine ( called intervertebral foramen or IVF ), connecting every part of your body.  When these vertebrae become misaligned or degenerative this nerve opening can narrow causing the nerve compression.
            Nerve messages help control and regulate all body functions.  If the nerve is “pinched” or “impinged”, function is impaired and pain, weakness, and ill-health can and will occur. The relationship between structure and function in the body  is crucial to your good health. Your structure ,posture and movements are a reflection of what ‘s going on internally.
            By correcting these misaligned vertebrae, called a subluxation complex, the chiropractor restores motion to these blocked vertebrae, which, in turn, relieves nerve pressure, allowing the communication lines to flow.  Sometimes this nerve interference occurs in an extremity (the foot, knee, hand, wrist, elbow or shoulder) where a nerve crosses over or through a joint.  These joints are also tested and adjusted or manipulated, restoring proper motion, function and pain relief. 
            If you are suffering pain in your body and that run-down feeling, chiropractic could change your life as it has thousands of others.  No amount of painkillers will change the “pinched” nerve syndrome, only the proper analysis and necessary adjustments can offer the relief.  Call our office for a free consultation to see if you could be helped and add new life to your years, through Chiropractic “Naturally”.
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