More to Know

Whether it is your first time to a Chiropractor or you are returning to seek relief, knowing what to expect and how Chiropractic will help you are the keys to acheiving the best results.  Dr. Crosbie's years of experience and training allows him to diagnose, treat and facilitate healing.
At Crosbie Chiropractic, the support staff are there to answer any immediate questions in regards to minor health questions, payments and nutritional support. The professional support offered to patients is part of Dr. Crosbie's overall belief that creating a clinic that heals must come from all those involved in the process.
We encourage you to click through the provided links for answers to some of your questions regarding:
For additional assistance, please contact us anytime at 707.725.5668. Your questions are important to us. You can also e-mail Dr. Crosbie at