Sciatica and Leg Pain
Published in the Times Standard
            Those who suffer with sciatica find the most menial chores monumental. Sleep even becomes a chore as they toss and turn to find a position that does not hurt.  There are many causes for sciatica pain as in many other conditions. A spinal misalignment, bulging or herniated disc (often referred to as “slipped discs”), accidents, disease, constipation, arthritis and nutritional deficiencies are some of the causes that can irritate the sciatic nerve.
            If you suffer with sciatica, you know that pain pills and muscle relaxers barely touch it and physical therapy can exacerbate it. Spinal injections with painkillers can work for a time, but there is a risk of drug dependency. The last resort can be spinal surgery with a 50/50 success rate at best.
            Many people have found dramatic relief from their sciatica and leg pain through chiropractic care. Research and studies, more and more, point to chiropractic as superior to traction and painkillers for sciatica and leg pain.
            The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body, made up of smaller nerves for the lower back.  This nerve is like a cable with approximately 750,000 nerve fibers. An impingement of any one of these fibers can cause the sciatica and leg pain.  Once the cause of the “pinched nerve” is discovered, the doctor of chiropractic is trained to remove the pressure on the nerve.
            This spinal adjustment helps re-balance you spine, taking stress off the discs and muscles.  This allows your body to function in a more balanced manner.  If you suffer from sciatica or leg pain, call for an appointment today.  Many people have been helped at my office and are able to return to a productive and pain-free lifestyle.
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