Strengthening Your Immune System
Published in the Times Standard
            The powerful healing ability that exists in our bodies is working constantly to keep you healthy.  It is on the attack searching out and destroying or neutralizing bacteria, viri, dead cells, splinters and even cancer.
            We’ve all heard stories or perhaps have friends or family members who have been healed miraculously.  Spontaneous remission is the term doctors and scientists will use.  There are books and a wide body of evidence of these extraordinary healings of all types, whether it is nervous system disorders, blood diseases or fatal tumors.  While doctors tend to ignore this phenomenon, your body is fighting cancer all the time and winning on a regular basis with early detection mechanisms.  This protective mechanism operates constantly in a variety of ways in your body:  The skin and mucus membranes in your nose and throat create a physical barrier to invasion, juices for digestion dissolve germs, urine cleans your urinary tracts, fever “burns off” infections, and swelling is a dilation process to bring healing nutrients and specialized cells to an injured area.
            There are many causes affecting our immune response ability.  Nutritional deficiencies, depression, vertebral misalignments, increased use of antibiotics and a growing number of clinicians and scientists feel that increased childhood immunizations cause immune system disorders. 
            One of the strongest ingredients that compromise our body’s ability to fight dis-ease is refined sugar.  My father in law, who was a Chiropractor for over 40 years, made the observation that the outbreak of the colds and flu season was preceded by the Halloween sugar fest.  The more prevention you take to bolster your body’s defenses, the less likely you will suffer any prolonged or severe illness.
            While some of these causes may seem obvious, such as poor nutrition, how can depression lower our immune system?  Our attitude and unexpressed feelings wear on us and keep us from healthy activities.  It becomes a downward spiraling trend.  More importantly, it separates us from connecting with others, a vital aspect to strengthen your immune system.  People relationships nourish and keep us alive and growing.  “If you have connections you keep going,” according to Bernie Siegel, M.D. Laughter, comedy and inspiring stories lift our spirits and boost our immune system.
            Chiropractic is also a powerful immune system stimulus.  Spinal misalignments causing joint dysfunction affect muscle fibers and balance-feedback-mechanisms of the nervous system.  This stress on your spine and nerves weakens your immune function.  Osteopaths and chiropractors have known this for over 100 years now.  Today with the advent of Psychoneuroimmunology there is increasing evidence that the brain, spinal cord and nerves tremendously affect your physical and emotional health.  By removing nerve interference and restoring joint mobility, the body can function at optimum efficiency.
             With periodic check-ups, the chiropractor can eliminate the interference compromising your immune system. Many of my patients refer to this as a tune-up, re-charging their body and preventing further damage. If you suffer from chronic colds or that run-down feeling, better health could be yours “through Chiropractic naturally”.
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