Stress Relief
Published in the Times Standard
      A common statement I hear at my office on the patient’s second visit is, “Doc, I slept like a baby the night after the adjustment.”  Naturally the patient is able to relax better with less pain, and a reduced stress level is experienced.
      Stress has varying degrees of effects on our bodies.  A little stress is often times a necessary motivator to accomplish a task or a goal.  Too much stress can overwhelm us and result in panic or illness if unchecked. 
      Our bodies are equipped to handle acute stress with the “fight or flight” mechanism.  When encountering danger we can run to avoid it or stay and confront the situation.  Immediately we can perform phenomenal feats of strength and speed with heightened senses and reactions.  Through hormonal changes released by our adrenal glands, blood flow changes and certain bodily functions not needed for struggle shut down.  Heart beats increase two to three times to pump more nutrient-rich blood to our extremities, and sweating increases to keep the muscles cool and efficient while our eyes dilate to see even better.
      While we’re not always under this level of anxiety, chronic stress becomes the rule for most people in today’s world.  The result is not enough proper rest with a continual depletion of our reserves and adrenal burn-out.
      Structurally the fight or flight pattern affects the coccyx, brain and breastbone.  Just like dogs tuck their tails between their legs running from danger, our coccyx or “tailbone” also goes anterior.  This movement tightens the meninges over the spinal cord and brain, girding you for battle.  The sternum or breastbone moves superior to accommodate increased heart and lung activity.
      Once the danger is past, the body’s structure relaxes and returns to its proper position.  This is the moment most people “fall apart” from the emotional and physical release.  Some people, however, remain locked in the fight or flight (panic) mode, preventing normal physiological activity.  Chronic stress can lock us up also.
      So not only can pain patterns keep us from proper sleep and rest, but stress and panic patterns are also a major contributor to lack of sleep and declining health.  By analyzing your particular pattern, correcting and adjusting your entire structural system is ideal for releasing the panic and stress patterns.  Once the proper corrections are made, an overall relaxation and ease of breathing is felt.  Since energy is no longer being wasted, we also experience a sensation of clarity and increased energy.  “I feel lighter Doc,” is an expression I hear a lot.
      If you are experiencing fatigue, headaches, insomnia, depression, less energy and a weakened immune system, call our office to unlock your potential through Chiropractic “naturally.”
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