Structure and Function
Published in the Times Standard
            Our external appearances are often a reflection of our internal environment revealing clues to our health and wellness. Some features reflect the obvious such as the limp a person exhibits due to traumatic injury or disease leaving them with a short let. Other appearances that reflect possible internal existing or developing problems would be: stooped posture from osteoporosis, scoliosis or even depression; uneven or tilted shoulders from upper back or neck injury causing hands and arms numbness and tingling; Dowager’s or asthmatic hump at the base of the neck often reflect lung and heart disease; the pot belly also heart and circulation or kidney stress; the overweight person could be a hormonal imbalance or an internal organ problem; unleveled or tilted pelvis reflects scoliosis, lower back problems, knee or foot problems. (I call it the short pant-leg syndrome.) Like the person with the short leg problem these conditions need to be addressed to restore balance, homeostasis in the body. If a corrective lift for the short leg isn’t prescribed additional stress is put on the spine and joints of the lower body. Spinal curvature or compensatory scoliosis throughout the spine develops and often times a degenerative hip, knee, or lumbar spinal disc results. This could lead to invasive surgery with its risks and complications or a lifetime of pain killers or drugs and their side effects. These features or appearances add stress to the spine and its related muscle structure often times with a referred pain. University studies performed on cadavers found over 80% had spinal related lesions or nerve blockages to the diseased organ or organs.                                
           Our bodies are constantly working to maintain our health and wellness. Just as nature achieves balance through dramatic events and climate changes, our bodies struggle sometimes to balance our health. Warning signs and appearances need to be addressed. Through a proper balance of nutrition, exercise, and chiropractic care many of these developing problems and warning signs can be eliminated. By releasing the stress on a body, restoring nerve flow and energy balance life becomes more vibrant and pain free.
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