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    Living in Humboldt County over 5 years now, has given me a new appreciation for the weather.  Coming from San Diego, a more arid climate with its subtle season changes, one’s activities are rarely influenced by weather.  In my practice I see patients year round with over exertion injuries preparing for one of our seasons like chopping firewood, gardening, or home maintenance to name a few.  These same injuries occur as we prepare or participate in the many seasonal recreational activities our area has to offer. Most of these injuries are of the sprain/strain nature.
    Overstretching a muscle or joint beyond its normal range of motion can cause it to tear.  The sprain involves more of the tendon and/or ligament attached to the bone.  Strains involve the muscle with overstretching and tearing of the fibers, like the pulled hamstring in back of the thigh. Typically the pain is a burning soreness especially if you attempt to stretch it.  The sprain/strain of the joint formed by the bones often cause the joint to become dis-articulated , subluxated, or in worst case dislocated with possible fractures.  Chiropractors can distinguish through various tests the proper treatment and adjustments to restore joint articulation.  The attached tendon, ligament or muscle, if injured also will have less stress on it and can heal much faster.
    Many of these injures can be prevented by practicing some simple rules.
  1. Stretching before work.  Pro-athletes never attempt a performance without a good warm up. Take 5 minutes to prepare for your day’s event.
  2. Work smarter not harder. Don’t try to lift that 200 lb. load without some help and proper ergonomic technique.
  3. Rest. Allow yourself time to heal with proper rest and sleep.
    If the pain from overdoing persists, don’t try to work through it, get help fast with Chiropractic “naturally”
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