Too Young or Too Old to be Adjusted?
Published in the Times Standard
            Some of my patients ask if their young children or elderly grandparents can be adjusted. Are they too fragile or are their bones too weak and brittle?  While it is true that as we grow older our bones can become weak or brittle from osteoporosis, adjustments can still be performed.  The gentle drop table techniques use at our office are safe and effective for both the young and the old.
            For elderly and small children, their spinal alignment can be checked for pelvic distortion, leg length discrepancy and spinal misalignments or subluxations.   This is especially crucial in the young child, and even in infants, affected by the trauma of childbirth or falls when learning to walk. Older adults can often relate their spinal or joint problems to a fall they had as a child. 
            If misalignments are left unchecked, spinal curvatures and compensatory scoliosis [ a lateral curvature of the spine] can develop. Left uncorrected, spinal subluxations inhibit nerve and energy flow in the body which causes weakness in the musculature and an overall “dis-ease”.  One of my patients tells me her 3-year-old’s crankiness totally dissipates after her adjustment, and she is back to her sweet self.  If you are hurting, it can affect your attitude and demeanor, cause depression and energy loss or fatigue.        
            In short, you are never too young or too old to enjoy the rejuvenating effects of chiropractic.  With the appropriate adjustment, good nutrition and exercise, you can live happier and healthier through chiropractic “naturally”.  Call our office for a free consultation, so we can help you with your problem.
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