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          Most of my patients over the years begin to recognize a symptom or some little quirk in their body that tells them it’s time for an adjustment.  These little signs I refer to as triggers.  They stimulate recognition of past experience that led to the Chiropractor for help. Interestingly, these triggers are not always painful or located at the point of the problem. In past articles I’ve talked about knee pain as it relates to the foot or pelvic misalignment. This knee trigger can be easily explained through the involved musculature, unbalanced gait and compensatory mechanisms. Headaches are usually the indicator to patients that the neck, cranial bones or upper thoracic spine need adjusted. 
           Then there are those triggers that sometimes defy a physiological or functional explanation. There are patients whose vision is blurred and they feel out of sorts.  These are their triggers that it’s time to have their spine checked.  Once they are adjusted they see with more crispness and clarity. Stomach nausea or upset with bloating and gas becomes another trigger for the patient with a pelvic misalignment. This usually results in spinal compensatory misalignments causing a subluxation pattern that affects the rhythmic contractions of the stomach and colon.  Once the proper adjustments are made, nerve flow and energy to the body is achieved allowing the body to normalize and restore homeostasis.  This is the best explanation to the patient whose elbow pain, he forgot to mention on his first visit for low back pain, is now gone.  This pain may become his trigger in the future that his lower back is out of alignment again.
            Our bodies are continually seeking to be healthy and maintain homeostasis. We are equipped to handle most dis-ease and illness provided the proper care is given.  Chiropractic is your best choice to assist the body towards better health, prevent further damage, and maintain a vital lifestyle. While pain can be a warning signal or trigger that an adjustment is needed, those nagging little recurring quirks may also be a trigger of a more serious problem developing. You can erase those triggers with Chiropractic care restoring normalcy “Naturally.”
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