Do I Need Vitamin Supplements?
Published in the Times Standard
To be healthy and vibrant in life, one needs to be structurally balanced, nutritionally complete and spiritually connected.
            I have discussed in the past the importance of spinal and extremity adjustments to the structure, to keep the energy flow and communication lines open. Many patients want to know what they can do to help these adjustments to hold. While specific exercises can be helpful for spinal stabilization, proper nutrition is also necessary for balance in the body. If you are lacking the proper vitamin or mineral, internal organs as well as muscles and joints will be affected. Low calcium and magnesium levels cause muscle spasms and are necessary for nerve transmission and enzyme activity. The muscle spasms, if connected to the spine, will result in a spinal misalignment affecting the nerve flow to localized muscles and internal organs. If left deficient, a dis-eased condition in the body can occur with the body in a weakened or low efficiency state. This is just one example of the importance of balance in the body between structure, nutrition and function. We know this can lead to a lifetime of drugs and medications with their numerous side effects. Unless you are growing your own organic foods and eat a balanced amount of proteins, greens, fats and carbohydrates (a minimum of five fruits or vegetables daily), you will be lacking nutritionally.
             Let us help you determine what your body needs to function at its optimum through a few simple tests. If you are fatigued, weak, having muscle spasms or “cramps”, anxiety attacks or digestive problems, you may need a simple dietary supplement to help the body correct the problem.  For instance if your body tests a need for calcium, I test with three different calcium formulas to see which one your body best responds to.  
           My office carries a full range of whole food supplements with specific nutrients to fill your body’s individual need. Whole food supplementation is the best to provide the proper utilization in the body. If you simply buy an over-the-counter multi-vitamin/mineral or calcium supplement you may be wasting your investment on something you don’t need or a formula your body cannot process and utilize.
Our office provides a free consultation with the Doctor to see if you could be helped through chiropractic “naturally.”
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