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Start Healing


What should I expect?



Upon the first visit, a health history is completed. During your consultation and physical examination more information is gathered and evaluated, with a special emphasis on your primary complaint. If chiropractic care is considered appropriate, a treatment plan will be develnt.      

           So what makes the “popping/cracking” sounds in our joints, you ask?  There are a few theories I’m aware of that make some sense.  One is the release of nitrogen bubbles in the cartilage upon pressure, perhaps.  Another relates to the joint capsule which is in a vacuum, if the joint is compromised or fixated, stuck, or out of alignment, when it releases it’s like the pop you hear pulling a rubber arrow tip off of a window.  Cracking sounds are more related to the ligaments snapping over boney structures as we move, especially in the mornings when we’re cold and not yet loose.  If you’re concerned about these sounds, you needn’t worry unless there is pain involved.
            Don’t let the “fear factor” rob you of a chance at pain relief and better health through Chiropractic naturally.  We would like to help relieve your pain, so   please call our office for a free consultation.
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